A university magazine is perhaps the most important communication vehicle between an institution and its constituents. If it is lively, interesting, and thought provoking, the magazine engages its readership in a kind of ongoing relationship that instills a sense of pride and strengthens their bonds to the institution. Over time, those bonds can, and do, result in increased participation in college events, volunteer activity, and, eventually, in financial support.

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How can we succeed in getting our readers to explore the pages of our magazines? By showing, not telling, the strengths and uniqueness of our institution. By offering real stories, not just public relations puffery, about research and teaching, stories about accomplished alumni, stories about the vital intellectual and cultural life on campus.

Good stories, well told and beautifully illustrated, help readers to know the people who are the heart of an institution. These types of stories move people. They make for effective magazines that are read and respected, and they reflect an institution with intelligence, integrity, and class.


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