Hands-On Sessions

Each magazine is unique in terms of staffing, budget, and institutional support. Often a one-on-one session with magazine staff is helpful in setting priorities for improving the magazine. We evaluate all aspects of the magazine in detail and make a plan for moving forward. We can conduct a magazine critique on-site and involve the entire magazine staff in the process.

Assessing Support
In many instances, gathering input from magazine stakeholders is a first step in a major redesign. We talk to people in development and alumni affairs, to members of alumni boards, and others to solicit opinions and, equally important, to get buy-in for the editor’s goal of magazine improvement. We submit a report that evaluates the environment for a magazine redesign and discusses university goals for the magazine, alumni expectation, and whether the level of institutional support is sufficient to meet those goals.

Individual Issues
We also work with editors on individual issues, helping them create a balanced story list, shape stories editorially, brainstorm great headlines, advise on photography and art direct the issue.


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