About Us

What We Do
Rachel Morton Associates helps educational clients improve and redesign their magazines, and creates high-impact recruitment communications. With over 25 years in higher education, we’ve created award-winning publications and have helped set an industry standard for college magazines.

Who We Are
Rachel Morton
Rachel Morton is the former director of publications at Middlebury College and editor of Middlebury Magazine, a winner of the CASE Gold Award as best college magazine of 2001. She also edited alumni and research magazines at the University of Massachusetts and Washington University in Saint Louis.

For many years she directed the Magazine Editor's Seminar at the CASE Summer Institute in Communications and Marketing at Duke University, where she taught college and university magazine editors how to improve their publications.

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She now directs Rachel Morton Associates, a communications consulting firm in Burlington, Vermont, specializing in college magazines and recruitment publications for higher education. Rachel is a former trustee of CASE and a member of its Commission on Communications.

The Associates
Depending upon the project, we assemble a creative team that works closely with the client to create text and images that tell the story of the institution and reflect its life and vitality. Creative teams vary according to the needs of the institution and the character of the project. Bob Handelman Images has collaborated on many projects and his photographs are the primary ones of this site.



Rachel Morton Associates | 467 South Union Street, Burlington VT 05401 | 802-825-8030 | rachel@rachelmorton.com